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The Full Story

One of the common questions we get is, "How did the Tower get started?"

Well, it started as a really simple idea by a small 7-year-old boy with a big heart. 

River, as he tells the story, first had the idea after seeing a movie where another kid had his own business. He then figured that meant any kid could have a business, only the type of business he had in mind was slightly different. He told his dad he wanted to start a business but didn't want to keep any of the money. Instead, he wanted to give it all to people that needed it.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 3.14.37 PM.png

The Idea ...

Continued to grow as he came up with a name and even the logo. It took nearly a year before he convinced his dad he was serious enough to really start what has now become

the Tower of Niceness.

But River was not alone. His big brother, Ryder soon joined in to support however he could. Together they started promoting their projects by making videos, rallying support at school, and sharing on social media (with dad's help). Ultimately they settled into their roles with River the visionary as the CEO and Ryder as the President who handles more of the marketing and media.

Not to be outdone ...

Their little sister Presley has now joined in. She has a particular passion for the projects supporting animals but helps with every event behind the scenes -she just doesn't like the attention as much as her brothers. You can see her handy work on many of our Thank You cards or even on a few of her own videos.

At home, they are still kids who love gaming, YouTube, music, and art -and like all brothers and sisters, they have their disagreements over everything from who sits in the front seat to who ate the last piece of whatever. But when it comes to the Tower, they have banded together to do something quite special and that's much bigger than them.

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