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Toy Drive Volunteer Opportunities

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Now for the fun part - toy deliveries!

Thanks to your support, we've got one of our largest delivery schedules ever for the toy drive. We're looking for a few volunteers who would like to participate. Here's a couple of ways you can help this week:

Toy Drop Offs:

Kaiser Roseville – Wednesday the 21st sometime between 10:30-3 pm

  • Sutter General in Sac – Wed 21st in the morning

  • UC Davis Children’s Hospital in Sac – Tues the 20th around 2 pm

  • Wind Youth Services – Tues 20th or Wed 21st during the day

  • Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Sac – Mon 19th or Tues 20th 10-5 pm

Additional Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Shriner’s Santa’s Workshop Dec 23rd, 1-4 pm (need 3 volunteers). Parents shop for toys for their children, so you would help walk them through the process, set or wrap

  • Tinsel Take Down – Dec 29th 10am-noon (need 5 volunteers). Help take down decorations/trees

Note that for both volunteering opportunities and drop offs you will have to be 18+ years old and have a COVID vaccination with at least one booster. All toys will need to be picked up at our storage space in Rocklin.

We're also looking for more families in need. So if you know of any or have a connection to a group that serves them, please let us know. We'll try to add them to our list.

If you are interested in helping with any of these, please contact or reply to this email.

Thanks for your niceness!

The Tower Team

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