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Tower Toy Drive

Make A Donation

Help us deliver some niceness this holiday season!

Our 8th Annual Tower Toy Drive will be collecting new toys

and cash donations to provide children in need with presents this holiday season. 100% of your generous donations will be used to purchase and deliver new toys to children living in local homeless shelters or find themselves in a children's hospital this Christmas.

Any donation is appreciated, no matter how small. And as always,100% of your tax-deductible donation will be used for our project.


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How You Can Help

There are two ways you can help this year: - online donation or purchase supplies via our Amazon shopping list. Donations of all sizes and types appreciated, no matter how big or small - it all helps make an impact. And as always,100% of your tax-deductible donation will be used for our project. 

Two Ways to Help Provide Toys



1. Online Donation - we will purchase a gift on your behalf to give to the kids.  Every $25 cover the cost for a child


Shop & Ship

2. Shop and ship the gift you want to donate using our Amazon shopping list. Just check out and we do the rest! (deadline: 12/13/23) 

About the Project


It all started 15 years ago when a little boy got sick. The hospital can be a scary place and for first-time parents who had never been in the hospital for an extended period of time, the experience was overwhelming and difficult. The one thing that helped them through the process was the Child Life Department at the hospital. Each day the group would bring toys, movies, and always a big smile. What the family soon realized was that the child life department was not only serving the entire hospital with virtually no funding, they also primarily operated on a volunteer basis. Their kindness turned into organized niceness and the toy drive was born.


What started years ago after a commitment by one family to support the child life department at a local hospital that had been so amazing during a difficult time, has turned into a project that benefits hundreds of children each year.


This year we’re looking to support more kids than ever! We’re raising money (and collecting toys) to provide gifts such as toys, games, books, movies, gift cards, tablets that will be delivered to local children’s hospitals and homeless shelters in time for Christmas.


Your support will help put a smile on dozens of kids’ faces as they wake up to an unexpected gift (which makes their parents pretty happy too). 

Project Impact

This year we will be supporting several local shelters and hospitals including:

  • Acres of Hope (women and children's homeless shelter)

  • Wind Youth Services (teen homeless shelter)

  • Children’s Center, Sutter Medical Center

  • Children’s Hospital, UC Davis Health

  • Kaiser Roseville Children’s Hospital

Your contributions are about so much more than making a donation. They’re about putting a smile on a child's face, spreading niceness, and providing hope to a family in need. Everyone deserves to have a happy Christmas, which is why we look to people like you to help make sure that happens.


Thank You For Your Niceness! :)

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