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3rd Annual Halloween Helpers Project Provides Costumes for 50 Kids in Homeless Shelters

Just think about what it's like for a kid in a homeless shelter on Halloween. They're missing out on so much. But here's the good news – your incredible support made sure some fantastic kids experienced the Halloween magic!

Our 3rd Annual Halloween Helpers project was a big success. We made sure that kids in shelters and those in local school programs for homeless families got awesome Halloween costumes, all because of your kindness!

Halloween Helpers

This year we were able to expand our Halloween Helpers project to buy costumes for nearly 50 kids (plus some boxes of candy) living at two local homeless shelters. And not just any costumes - our amazing project leader Tanis Liomin went as far as getting a list of size and costume requests for every single kid!

Because of you, these kids were able to go trick-or-treating in brand new costumes they picked out! It's important that you see the impact your generosity makes as every dollar we raise goes to our projects.

Halloween Helpers

The kids were super excited about getting to celebrate, and it was a fantastic break from what's been a challenging year.

Thank you to all the amazing people who donated and helped get the word out about the project! We're truly thankful for you and your donation! And just to emphasize, every single dollar of your generous contribution went directly into making this project a reality.

If you have questions about the project or want to get involved to help next year, you can contact our our team.

Thank you for your niceness!

The Tower Team

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