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9th Annual Help the Homeless Project Makes a Difference for Hundreds in Need

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Our Help the Homeless initiative began over 9 years ago when it was just a few families with a carload of used clothes seeking a way to make a difference. Since then, we've experienced tremendous growth and are incredibly grateful for the substantial impact this project has had for our neighbors in need.

Initially we allocated $5,000 of our budget from general fundraising, grants, and donations over the year for the project and hoped to raise a little extra for some additional items.

However, we dramatically surpassed our own expectations, raising a record-breaking amount of over $12,000 from donations big and small including a huge boost from newest project sponsor, Mountain Valley Petroleum, with our largest single private donation ever as well as returning sponsors 34 Strong and Insperity. This support enabled us to expand our reach to three cities this year including, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Auburn California.

In addition to the fundraising and supplies we were able to purchase, we also partnered again with Insperity and the Rock Creek Elementary School's WE Club who collected supplies to assemble hundreds of hygiene kits we handed out at each location.

The hygiene kits, meticulously prepared, included essential items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, band-aids, chapstick, hand sanitizer, deodorant, combs, socks, and more.

With over 30 boxes of brand-new supplies ready, our project team of about 30 people set off on Thanksgiving morning to set up for a day of service in downtown Sacramento.

This year, thanks to our increased budget, we could purchase high-quality, new items to distribute. Our project manager and board member, Tanis Liomin, had been procuring supplies for months, safely storing them at the downtown Sacramento Insperity office.

Stretching every dollar to its fullest, your support provided:

- 100 rain jackets

- 100 pairs of shoes & socks

- 200+ hygiene kits

- 100 reusable bags

- 48 backpacks

- dozens tarps, blankets, belts & underwear

- dozens of gloves, sweats, sweatshirts, & beanies

- sleeping bags, medicine & much more!

As word quickly spread on the streets, our volunteers assisted 100+ people in selecting clothing and supplies, accompanied by a warm breakfast and holiday meal. Supplies for 100+ more people were delivered to local shelter areas in Elk Grove and our friends at the Gathering Inn shelter in Auburn that included new clothing, shoes, supplies and medicine to help them serve the people living in their temporary housing and local tent shelters.

Special thanks to our board, volunteers, and supporters who made this project possible. Without you, there's simply no way to reach this many people in need. We extend our gratitude to those who went above and beyond:

  • Tanis Liomin - Board Member & Project Manager/Purchasing

  • Ami Fetter - Board Member & Project Leader

  • Sondra Nunez - Board Member & Project Leader

  • Mountain Valley Petroleum - Project Sponsor

  • 34 Strong, Inc. - Project Sponsor

  • Insperity, Inc. - Project Sponsor

  • Holly Cable - Rock Creek Elementary WE Club Leader

  • Lori Whitney - Project Volunteer

While every donation counts, we want to recognize a few significant supporters:

  • Sondra Nunez

  • Randy & Lisa Peters

  • The Stephan Family

  • The Kaiser Family

  • Katy Pye

Thank you to everyone who contributed their money, time, and support to make this special project possible. There's still much work to be done to assist the homeless, but projects like this make a difference and remind them they are not forgotten.

Thank you for providing niceness to those in need.

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