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Furry Friends Fundraiser Partners to Help Hundreds of Kittens

Our Furry Friends Fundraiser was back again this year with a focus on helping kittens.

With a recent surge in kittens needing adoption, there was also a need to get them the medical attention they need to help them find a new home. So, we partnered with two of our favorite organizations help our furry friends.

Itsie Bitsie Rescue - A long time partner, they focus on helping abandoned kittens that are too small to go up for adoption. They have an incredible network of foster parents all volunteering their time to help save these tiny kittens. We worked with them to get some key supplies to help.

Placer County SPCA - we were excited to deliver a donation to the Placer SPCA to sponsor the medical costs for 100 kittens at their shelter. They are seeing unprecedented numbers of kittens this year, all of which require special formula and medicine to ensure they are healthy for adoption. Your support of our project is helping make sure they find healthy, happy homes. (and no, we didn't take any home this time)

Thank you everyone for continue to help us provide niceness for our furry friends in need!

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